American River College

Professor Carol Leever


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Paid Internship (posted on: Mar 15, 2017)

There's an entry level Information Technology internship with Visions in Education available (paid -- 10 hours a week). For more information contact: Rodney Flakes

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Cisw 304 (posted on: Mar 8, 2017)

This class starts next Tuesday March 14th. I'll be emailing all the students in the class this week with details about getting started or adding the course if you are on the wait list. Please keep a watch on your ARC email accounts for more information.

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Cisw 304 (posted on: Jan 23, 2017)

This is a 2nd 8 week course. The student accounts and schedule will not be posted until the class begins.

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Cisw 300 (posted on: Jan 23, 2017)

This course is now full and I am no longer taking adds.

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Videos (posted on: Jan 19, 2017)

There are 2 videos available through the college on How to obtain a Certificate: ( and on How to obtain a Degree: (

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Cisw 300 -- Waitlist Students (posted on: Jan 18, 2017)

I've emailed add numbers to several of you already -- please use them as quickly as possible. If you are not going to add, I need to know by Friday so that I can offer your slot to someone else.

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Cisw 400 Accounts (posted on: Jan 16, 2017)

Your accounts are now available. Remember you still must come to class on Thursday at 6pm (room 128) to stay in the class.

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Student Accounts (posted on: Jan 12, 2017)

The Student accounts for Cisw 300 and Cisw 360 are now available. Cisw 400 will be created next week closer to the class meeting on Thursday.

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Email Accounts (posted on: Jan 12, 2017)

Note to all students: I noticed on the rosters that there are a number of you who have not activated your email accounts for ARC through enrollment services. This is including several students who have already sent me emails this semester expressing interest in adding classes. If you do not activate your email accounts, we (ARC Professors) have no way of contacting you.