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Professor Carol Leever


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Cisw 304 - CSS Class (posted on: Oct 4, 2016)

This class starts on October 13th. I'll email all students enrolled starting next week (Oct 10th) with instructions on how to get started. If you want to add, get on the waiting list. I'll email you as well with add procedures.

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SEND URL (posted on: Sep 22, 2016)

Hi Class,
Once again, if you want help with your homework, send me the URL to the file, not the file itself.

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Dream Spark Software (posted on: Sep 19, 2016)

Our classes qualify for the Dreamspark Student software program, which allows you students to download copies of certain pieces of software for free. I've add the instructions on how to download the software to each schedule for THIS week - week 5. You'll see it under Notes on the schedule.

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Send Urls (posted on: Sep 11, 2016)

This if for CISW 300, 310 and 410 students: When you email for help with your homework, please also send the URL of your page along with the email. Don't just attach files to the email -- put your pages up on the Power Server and then send the URL to me.

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Videos (posted on: Aug 25, 2016)

There are 2 videos available through the college on How to obtain a Certificate: ( and on How to obtain a Degree: (