American River College

Professor Carol Leever


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Web Site Will Be Down (posted on: May 25, 2017)

I'm migrating my website to a new system, so it will be down for a few days while I make changes. This includes the NOTES section of the site.

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Check your grades (posted on: May 16, 2017)

I finished all the grading for the semester. Please double check your grades.

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Finals Week (posted on: May 3, 2017)

Finals start on Thursday May 11th and end on Wed May 17th. Make certain you have everything completed and turned in by the due dates.

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Send URLS!!!! (posted on: Apr 3, 2017)

This is to my 300, 304 and 400 students. If you need help with your homework, please send me the URL to the page on the Power Server. Don't attach the files to the email -- some times the problem is how you published it, not the files themselves. And don't make me guess which file you want me to look at (many of you have more than one version of your homework). Send the URL. (Flash students -- send your FLA files as attachments.)

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Videos (posted on: Jan 19, 2017)

There are 2 videos available through the college on How to obtain a Certificate: ( and on How to obtain a Degree: (