American River College

Professor Carol Leever

zCisw 400 Client-side Web Scripting

Time Offered: Spring 2017 Thur 6:00-8:35
Prereq: CISW 300 Coreq: None
Book: Javascript & Ajax, by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. Peachpit Press, 8th Edition. 2011. ISBN: 0321772970 (optional but recommended)
Note: Office: Liberal Arts 133
Office Hours
Wed: 4-4:50pm
Thu: 4-5:50pm

Language: Javascript/Ajax

This course emphasizes the creation of dynamic and interactive web sites using a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript/Ajax. Topics include the Document Object Model of web pages, core features of the client-side scripting language, event handling, control of windows and frames, functions, and form validation..

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • develop web pages using advanced design concepts with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.
  • analyze the Document Object Model and the concepts behind asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax).
  • define the core structures, statements, and syntax of the JavaScript language.
  • construct web pages with structured HTML that incorporates basic JavaScript functions such as mouse rollovers, window popups, slideshows, and form validation.
  • develop web pages that use the Ajax Engine.
  • produce scripts that integrate the Ajax Engine with server-side scripts written in Php or Perl.
  • develop database tables using a web database software such as MySQL.
  • integrate server-side scripts with Php or Perl using the Ajax Engine.
  • write Ajax scripts that incorporate the canvas element and cookies.