American River College

Professor Carol Leever

zCisw 300 Web Publishing

Time Offered: Spring 2017
Prereq: None Coreq: None
Book: HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide , by Elizabeth Castro. Peachpit Press, 8th edition. ISBN:0321928830 ISBN-13: 978-0321928832 (optional)
Note: Office: Liberal Arts 133
Office Hours
Wed: 4-4:50pm
Thu: 4-5:50pm

This course is an introduction to publishing on the World Wide Web. Topics include creating web pages with the Hyper Text Markup Languages (HTML), organizing a series of pages into a web site, and uploading web pages to a server. The course makes extensive use of the computer tools necessary to insert HTML tags, create images, and view web documents. It takes beginning web designers through the process of designing, building, and publishing a working web site. Subjects include:

  • develop web pages applying structured design principles using current standards of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  • publish documents on the World Wide Web using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software and Secure Shell (SSH/Telnet) software
  • build, maintain, and organize a working web account on a web server
  • develop web site design concepts using both Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) structures and table structures
  • develop web site navigation using links, buttons, and menu options
  • create web forms using standard HTML form tags
  • produce basic web graphics and incorporate them on a web page using HTML and CSS