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zCisw 360

Jan 14


Create accounts and go through the orientation material.

  • Syllabus Quiz (Jan 23)
  • Buy Flash
  • Class Notes
  • Past Semester Work
  • Website Orientation

Jan 16

Introduction To Flash

Watch Videos. Read Notes on File Naming, Tools Menu, Save and Publish, & FTP.

  • Video: Adobe CC
  • Video: Flash Tools
  • Video: Saving Flash Files

Jan 23

Creating your Index Page

We'll go over step by step how to do your first assignment, and how to upload it to the web.

  • Index Page (Jan 30)
  • * Homework Example
  • Download WinSCP
  • Video: Index Part 1
  • Video: Index Part 2
  • Video: Index Part 3
  • Video: Index Part 4

Jan 30


How to do frame-by-frame animations using Key frames.

  • Two Characters (Feb 6)
  • * Two Character Example
  • Video: Animation Basics
  • Video: Two Characters Lab

Feb 6


More instruction on frame-by-frame animation and using text.

  • Story Board Animation (Feb 13)
  • *Storyboard Example
  • Video: Animation Part 2

Feb 13

Shape Tweening

Creating basic shapetweens.

  • Shapetween Assignment (Feb 20)
  • Video: Shapetweening
  • Video: Shapetweening Assignment

Feb 20

Motion Tween

Importing images, intro to symbols, and how to do a motion tween.

  • Motiontween Assignment (Feb 27)
  • Video: 1 Symbols
  • Video: 2 Motiontweening
  • Video: 3 Motiontween Assignment

Feb 27

Mask and Buttons

How to create buttons, and how to create masks using tweens. In the Notes read the section on Buttons, Masks, and Scripting Intro: Basic Syntax, Event Listener, Navigation

  • Mask Button (Mar 13)
  • Video: Buttons
  • Video: Masks 1
  • Video: Masks 2
  • Video: Masks 3
  • Video: Masks 4 Button

Mar 6

Continue Masks. Applying Movie Clip Filters

Creating fire animations and sunbeam animations using movie clip filters.

  • Video: Fire and Sunbeam

Mar 13

Camera Effects

How to apply a camera motion to existing animations. Seamless Landscapes.

  • Camera Motions (Mar 20)
  • Camera Lab File
  • Cameral File CS5
  • Video: Camera Effects
  • Video: Seamless Landscapes

Mar 20

Bone tool

How to use the bonetool or how to create animation using multiple movie clips.

  • Bone Tool (Mar 27)
  • Bonetool CS5 file
  • Bonetool Lab File
  • Video: Bonetool 1
  • Video: Bonetool 2
  • Video: Bonetool 3
  • Video: Chop Up Pictures

Mar 27

Waterfall Animation

Combining tweens and filters to create a waterfall effect. Water ripple effect, and the special effects associated with movie clips vs graphic symbols.

  • Watefall Animation (Apr 3)
  • Video: Waterfall Animation

Apr 3

Start and Stop Buttons

Creating buttons that work. Introduction to scripting.

  • Control Buttons (Apr 17)
  • Video: Start and Stop Buttons

Apr 10

Spring Break -- NO Class


Apr 17

External Text

Importing text from an external file, and how to create a button that makes something vanish.

  • External Text (Apr 24)
  • Video: External Text

Apr 24

Storm Animation

  • Storm Animation (May 1)
  • Video: Storm Animation

May 1

Rotate and drag objects

Drag and drop scripts and how to make an object rotate.

  • Rotate and Drag (May 8)
  • *Homework Example
  • Video: Drag and Rotate

May 8

Project Index Watch video on Final Project. Read notes on Load External SWF, and Drop Down Menus.

Creating drop down menus and importing external SWF Files.

  • Final Project (May 15)
  • Video: Final Project

May 15

Final Project Due.