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Cisw 304

Mar 13


Read Syllabus on course page. Login to Web Site. Read Orientation Material. Take Syllabus Quiz.

  • Syllabus Quiz (Mar 20)
  • Class Notes
  • Orientation

Mar 14

Index page setup.

Create your Index Page and examine CSS resources. Note: the Putty video is from my CISW 300 class, so it is referencing an assignment not related to you.

  • Index Page (Mar 20)
  • Video: FTP
  • Video: Putty

Mar 20

CSS and Fonts:

Differences between Inline, Embedded and External Stylesheets. Understanding the Font Attribute and using relative measurements for small-screen devices. Using Classes.

  • Three Types of CSS (Mar 27)
  • Video 1: Types of Styles
  • Video 2: Class and Ids
  • Video 3: Fonts

Mar 27


Using Border properties on elements and positioning them using floats, box-sizing and margins and padding.

  • Boxes (Apr 3)
  • Video 1: Borders
  • Video 2: Float

Apr 3

Backgrounds and Pseudo Elements

Using background images and background layering effects. Adding rule exceptions and using pseudo classes and pseudo elements to control the layout of a page.

  • Backgrounds and Pseudo (Apr 17)
  • Homework ZIP
  • Pseudo Classes
  • Video 1: Backgrounds
  • Video 2: Pseudo Elements

Apr 10

Spring Break -- NO Class


Apr 17

Navigation and menu bars. Tables.

Dealing with Element Displays and creating Menus.

  • Menu Page Layout (Apr 24)
  • Video 1: Display
  • Video 2: Menu part 1
  • Video 3: Menu part 2
  • Video 4: Menu part 3

Apr 24

Positioning and site architecture.

Object positioning and three-dimensional positioning using transform, z-index, absolute and relative measurements.

  • Puzzle (May 1)
  • *Puzzle File
  • Video 1: Transformation
  • Video 2: Positioning
  • Video 3: Design Overview

May 1

Final Exam. Make certain you give yourself enough time to complete the test.

  • Final Exam (May 11)

May 8

End of the Semester, final due by midnight!

Back up your accounts on the Power Server. You'll be locked out of them at the end of the semester.