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Professor Carol Leever

Course Syllabus

Cisw 304 Cascading Style Sheets

  • Instructor: Carol Leever
  • Instructor Email:
  • Instructor Office: Liberal Arts 133
  • Class Location: Online
  • Hours: 27 Lec/ 27 Lab
  • Time: Fall 2017 Online 2nd 8 weeks. Orientation starts Oct 12

This course continues the study of technical aspects of standards-based Web design for experienced students and Web professionals. Topics include the separation of content from presentation, dynamic user interaction, and designing for alternative devices using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in combination with Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML).

  • describe the differences among versions of CSS, including issues of cross-platform compatibility.
  • utilize proper CSS syntax for developing internal and external style sheets.
  • differentiate between the class and id attributes, and determine which should be used for a specific situation, and apply it appropriately.
  • combine selectors to refine style definitions for a group of elements and/or contextually to one or more elements when used together.
  • apply CSS Positioning (CSS-P), to position and layer objects on multiple web pages.
Recommend but not Required: HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, by Elizabeth Castro and Bruce Hyslop. ISBN-10: 0321928830 | ISBN-13: 978-0321928832 | Edition: 8
CISW300. Students should already know how to navigate the Internet and the WWW. You must have a good understanding of files and directories on a computer. You should know how to use FTP and Telnet as well as an ASCII editor. You need to well-versed in HTML.
Students Responsibility:
  1. Must Participate in online instruction and follow the course schedule. Students are responsible for all material and instruction on the schedule.
  2. Read all assigned material, including textbook and handouts. Watch all required videos.
  3. Complete any tests or final exam. Students are responsible for making prior arrangements with the instructor for make-up tests!
  4. Complete all assignments and projects on time! Prior arrangements should be made if an assignment is going to be turned in late.
  5. Class participation in online activities.
  6. You are more than welcome to help each other on projects, but copying is not acceptable. Any indication of copying or cheating on quizzes or exams will result in a failing score and disciplinary action in accordance with district policy.
Clean Language Policy:
You will be turning in a number of web pages throughout the semester, as well as a final project at the end of the semester. Please use language and graphics appropriate to a classroom setting. Failure to comply will result in a zero on that assignment. If your material is borderline or questionable, simply don't risk it.
This is an online course. Attendance is determined by your participation in online activities. Excessive absences will result in you being dropped from the class. If, however, you wish to drop the class, go to the admissions and records office and do the necessary paperwork yourself! Your records are your own responsibility.
If you fail to participate in the class (i.e. don't turn in homework, continuously miss lecture or lab) you will be dropped from the class.
Method of Evaluation:
Assignments Points Point SpreadGrade
Homework 135 pt 90% - 100% A
Tests 25 pt 80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69% D
Total 160 pt 0% - 59% F
Homework Assignments:
All assignments are posted on my web site along with any notes and handouts. You are expected to follow the schedule and turn the assignments in on time. All assignment will be turned in by submitting them through the form on my website. Please note that they must be turned in ON TIME. The submission program will automatically deduct 1 POINT per day that the assignment is late. If you wait too long to turn in an assignment it may no longer have any point value left.
Occasionally I will post the answer or the solution to a homework assignment. Once I post the solution/answer the assignment is no longer worth any credit -- so you can no longer turn it in late. If you fail to regularly turn in your assignments, I will drop you from the class.
Late Work -- What to do:
  • Homework assignments all have a definite due date. You may turn the Homework assignments in late, but you will lose 1 point per day it is late until it totals out to zero. If you know you are going to be out of town on the due date, turn it in early. The due dates will not be 'surprises'. They will be clearly visible right from the start of the semester. Check the schedule. You are responsible for you own work and time management.
  • Final Project: The due date for the final project will also be clearly visible right from the start of the semester. Your account on the Server is locked at the end of the semester, so this is one assignment that can not be turned in late. You must finish it by the posted due date.
A class schedule for the individual lectures and assignments is available on my web site. The schedule will also list tests, quizzes, notes, reading assignments, videos, graded assignments and class examples. Please check the schedule at least once a week. Please note that the schedule is not written in stone and may change throughout the semester. You are responsible for keeping track of these changes. My web page is the best place to look for any class announcements.

Throughout the semester you will be emailing me with questions. Keep in mind that I teach other classes, and receive a lot of email throughout the semester. Make certain that all your email starts with this subject line:


Also, please sign your name to your email!!!! Many people forget to do this; and I have no way of knowing that is really Mary Jones. Even if your email address has your name mentioned in it, please sign it still. could be Mary Jones or Mark Jones. Incomprehensible emails with excessive texting abbreviations and lack of grammar and punctuation will be incomprehensibly ignored.

Communication Policy

My preferred method of communication is through email. My office phone is (484-8098) but you'll get a much faster response from me if you email me directly at the email listed at the top of the syllabus. (I dislike talking on the phone.) I will generally email you back within 24 hours of receiving your message (I check my messages several times a days so the response is typically much faster than that). Please note that when emailing me I prefer not to get 'text' spelling as in LOL, OMG or TTYL. Spell the words all the way out. I don't understand the majority of the abbreviations and will most likely just hit random keys on my keyboard and send that back to you.

You can also come see me during my office hours if you need to speak with me or want help with your assignments. This semester I also have 2 classes with evening labs. Provided I'm not working with other students, you can come to any of the labs for extra help (including my online students). I'm happy to help, and will usually stay late if there are students waiting and lab has ended.

Web Site Orientation Material:
There are notes on the Orientation on the schedule on my web site. Please refer to it to learn how to submit your homework and check your grades. If you don't understand something, please ask me.

Students who may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a disability and who require instructional, curricular, or test accommodations are responsible for making such needs known to the instructor as early as possible. Every possible effort will be made to accommodate students in a timely and confidential manner. Individuals who request accommodations must be registered with the Office of Disabled Students Programs and Services, which authorizes accommodations for students with disabilities.

Contact the office by phone: 916.484.8382, email:, or video phone: 916.484.8798, on Monday, Thursday, or Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or on Tuesday and Wednesday during the extended hours between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Academic Honesty/Independent Work Policy
Academic honesty is expected and required. All work shall be done individually and sharing of files is not allowed. Students ARE encouraged to discuss skill techniques and problem solving strategies with each other. Students MAY help each other in determining the steps required in an assignment but MAY NOT share files. A student must not copy another student’s work or import work from another student and turn it in as their own. If you allow another student to copy your work, you are subject to the same discipline procedures as the person who copies it. If any dishonesty occurs on an assignment or exam, a grade of zero will be assigned to the applicable parties. The matter will also be referred to the Business & Computer Science Division Dean and the Campus Discipline Officer for appropriate action.