How to use the class Web Site

To begin with you will not be using D2L for this class. All instructions and information can be found on my web site at: Book of Cels

Home Page

The home page or starting page of the web site has all the main links on it. Note the picture below and the areas highlighted with the colored arrows.

image of home page

Red Arrow The red arrow is pointing to the announcement area of the page. Any new announcements will be listed there. Some are specific to your class -- so pay attention to the headers on them.

Pink Arrow The pink arrow is pointing to the links to the individual class pages. You will click on those links to find your class schedules and book information.

Orange Arrow - The orange arrow is pointing to basic links that may be of interest to you. For example if you are in the Web Classes, there is a link to the student web server listed here.

Blue Arrow: The blue arrow at the top of the screen is pointing to the LOGIN and LOGOUT links. To submit your homework or access your grades you must login in to the web site. You will do so by clicking the Login Link.

Class Page

You get to the class page when you click one of the left side 'Classes' links. For example when I click the link for CISW 300, I end up here:

course web page

This web page has all the basic information you need for this class including information about Prerequisites, Syllabus and Textbooks. More importantly it has a link on it to the Course Schedule (Blue Arrow) which has all your notes, assignments, and test information on it. Everything you need for your class work will be found on the schedule.


The class schedule is the page you need to check often as all your notes and assignments will be listed here.

schedule page

Green Arrow: This area shows the topic of discussion on any given day as well as any textbook or video information you need for the class. The date column at the beginning is the day the class meets.

Blue Arrow: The blue arrow is pointing to the assignments that are due that week. Some weeks don't have any assignments or test. Please note that the blue text following the assignment link is the date that the assignment is due. The assignment must be turned in by midnight on this due date. All assignments that are turned in late are worth less points -- I deduct one point per day that the assignment is late. NOTE: you must be logged in to access any of these assignments or notes.

Pink Arrow: The pink arrow is pointing to all the notes for that week's class session. Some weeks have a large number of notes for you to read; some do not. You are responsible for all the material in these notes. Most of them are listed in a web format under CLASS NOTES, but some are written in WORD format (DOC) and can be read simply by clicking them to open. Some will be videos.

Student Login

student login page

Red Arrow:To submit your homework, open the assignments or check your grades you must login to the web site. You do this by clicking the link that says "Login".

Please read the instructions! You will login in using your first name and last name as they appear on your official ARC enrollment documents. Your initial password will be your 7 digit student id number WITHOUT the 'w'.

First Time Logging In

create homework account

The very first time you login, you must submit a working email address. Please enter the email address you prefer to use (this does not have to be your arc email account). This allows me to contact you during the week, or send messages to the class about assignments or changes to the schedule.

Student Login Area

logged in to web site

Once you have successfully logged in you'll notice a couple of new options. The 'login' link (green arrow) now says 'User Menu'. As long as you remain logged in you can click this to get back to your Personal Data at any time.

You will also notice a new left side menu (red arrow). This menu allows you to submit your homework, check your grades, edit your email account or password, get email addresses for your classmates or the instructor, and if the course has a forum (not all courses do), access the forums. There will also be a link to any messages stored in the email archive (if I've sent messages), and a link to any reminder messages I sent to you.

Pink Arrow: If you wish to log out of the web site, simply click the Logout Link.

Now that you are logged in, you will also see that all the notes and assignments on the schedule are now 'active' links.

active links

Submit Homework

submitting your homework

Green Arrow: When you click the Homework link in the leftside menu you will be taken to a window that looks like the image. The number of assignments and the types of assignment will change depending on the class.

Click one of the radio buttons next to the assignment you wish to submit. Remember they must be submitted in on time. Simply doing the assignment is not enough -- you must TURN IN the assignment as well.

Once you have selected the assignment in question, click the "Submit Homework" button at the bottom of the page.

You will then asked to enter the URL for the assignment you are submitting. This will be a web address to the web page you built on the Server. The address must be entered correctly if you want your grade. NOTE: we are now using the new server at ARCCIS.NET, not the old URL for the Power Server.

Submit Homework

Once you have clicked the submit button you will be taken back to the homework page where you should see the link you just submitted as well as the date and time you submitted it (pink arrow).

submit homework

NOTE: one point per day will be deducted each day an assignment is late! If you turn in an assignment that is worth 10 points, 10 days late, it is no longer worth anything.

Submitting Writing Assignment for Bus 100

Blue Arrow Login into the web site and click the 'User Menu' link so that you can see the left side User Links menu (Green Arrow). Then click the HOMEWORK: BUS 100 link in the left side menu.

bus 100 submit homework image

Green Arrow: Select the radio button next to the name of the writing assignment, and hit the Submit Homework button.

bus 100 submit homework image

Green Arrow: paste your answers into the box provided.

Blue Arrow: click the submit button.

bus 100 submit homework image


grade sheet

Pink Arrow: When you click the Grades link in the left side menu, you will be taken to your grade sheet where you can see your current status in the class.

Once you have turned in an assignment you will see the date it was turned in along with the link you submitted.NOTE: there will be no grade in the grade column until I actually grade it. I never grade assignments until they come due, and then typically it takes me about a week to get through all of them.

Once an assignment has been graded you will see your grade along with any note I left you about the assignment.

grade sheet

Forums or Bulletin Boards

class forums

Some classes require that you post every week to the class bulletin board. By clicking the left side link that says "Forums" you will be shown the Bulletin Board Links to your class. The formum is fairly simply. Click 'Add New Topic' to start a new topic. Or click 'reply' to reply to an existing message.

Taking Tests

Tests are found on the schedule under Assignments. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the test interface which will look something like the screen below:

taking tests

DO NOT LOGIN unless you are prepared to take the test. You can not logout and come back later to finish. You must complete the tests in one sitting.

Once you login you will see a screen with questions and answers with radio buttons next to them. Simply pick the correct answer, and then hit the submit button at the bottom of the test. You must click the FINISH button down at the bottom of the test page in order to submit the test for a grade. If you do not click this button, you will be locked out of the test and receive a zero on the assignment.

You will recieve a score immediately after taking the test, and the score will show up on your grade sheet.

Locked Out

If you get locked out of a test due to a power failure or an accident of some sort, please email the instructor IMMEDIATELY so that you can be unlocked. NOTE: you must email me BEFORE the due date of the test. After the due date I will not unlock the tests. That means you need to make certain you take the tests in a timely manner. If the test is due on Wed at midnight and you take it at 10pm Wed night but get locked out due to a power failure, you're going to be out of luck. There will not be time to email me and get a response back before the due date passes.

TAKE YOUR TESTS at least 36 hours before the due date. That way you can get help if something goes wrong.

Archive Messages

Occassionally I will send messages to the entire class during the semester. All these messages will be archived on my web site and you can access them by hitting the left side menu link (green arrow). Note that this link will only appear if there are actually messages to read.



Most weeks I'll include basic reminders on my web site of what is due and what you should be working on that week. These reminders will show up on the student page the moment you login. The current week will be listed at the top, and all the old messages will be listed below that. You can access these messages at any time by clicking the 'Reminders' link in the left side menu (blue arrow).


Class Notes

All the class notes are found on schedule under 'Class Notes'. When you click that link you end up here:

class notes

The classes are listed along the top of the page (pink arrow). Make certain you are looking at the notes for YOUR class.

The notes are listed in the left side menu (blue arrow). When you click the topic, the notes on the page will change.

Please note that some of the left side menu topics have sub topics listed under them (green arrow).

class notes

Mandatory Information

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